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CRM - Lead Management Software

Analytics on all your leads, know when to follow up and who's showing interest in real time with our marketing automation and lead alerts follow-up system. Manage all your leads in one place with simplicity and powerful functionality built right in.

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Lead Generation Software
(CRM + Landing Page Technology)

The key to growing your business is generating leads. Your website system should be able to easily turn visitors into leads. Having the proper landing page technology will provide value to your visitors and provide you with a steady flow of leads.

Your real estate website should include lead generation software that accomplishes the following:

  • Persuasive navigation to convert your visitors into leads
  • Engaging landing pages with hundreds of 1-click real estate searches
  • Be able to track all your visitors’ engagement and provide you with all the data at your fingertips at anytime

Our System Does This and Much More!

Lead Capture and Lead Management

Generating leads from your visitors is a snap with our built-in tools and persuasive navigation. Generate more business online than ever before with new and innovative ways to earn each visitor's attention.

Lead Generation Tools Include

  • Layered Registration - Let our Ai System Know when to prompt for their info
  • Set Custom Registration Points on Detail Pages or Search Results and More
  • Make an Online Offer Application
  • Allow Visitors to track Price Changes on Listings with Alerts
  • Home Valuation Tools for Seller Leads - Real Time Address Verification and more...
  • Allow Visitors to Save Favorite Listings and Get Alerts on any Listing Changes
  • Automated Listing Recommendations - Ai Powered Data Sends More Listings to your Clients than a Static MLS Search
  • Dynamic Listing Recommendations Based On Visitor Interests
  • Social Media Sharing of Listings
  • Similar Real Time Listings Suggestions to Keep Visitors Engaged
  • And More...

Generating Leads is Half the Fun, Managing Your Leads is a Snap With our Built-in CRM and Lead Management Tools

All Your Leads in One Place

Analytics on all your leads, know when to follow up and who's showing interest in real time with our marketing automation and lead alerts follow-up system.

Our system just works - no week-long seminar required to start maximizing all the benefits of our platform. We have built-in automation for the most common tasks to make you more productive and generate better results on your lead management and follow-up to help you accomplish your ultimate goal, more sales. Period.

CRM Key Features Include
  • Generates buyer reports with their search data and interest indicators
  • Generates search pattern analytics so you have more data on each lead
  • Automated communication summary and research activity
  • Allows you to communicate via the CRM portal
  • Allows you to label and note each lead with follow-up reminders and more to more efficiently categorize your follow-up
  • Tracks user behaviors and sends custom-tailored listing recommendations on your behalf
  • Tracks changes in buyer search patterns and adjusts listing recommendations automatically
  • Alerts you real-time anytime a client is on your website and provides sample follow-up scripts
  • Generates and sends communication prompts on your behalf, perfectly timed and personalized, based on each buyer’s behavior on your website (real estate portal)
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