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Ai-Powered Listing Recommendations

Data Driven MLS Search Emails

Be one step ahead of EVERYONE, know what your buyers want even before they do.

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Real Estate Marketing Automation

Email More Listings, Generate More Sales

“Be one step ahead of EVERYONE, know what your buyers want even before they do.”

Create Data Driven MLS searches automatically without you OR your buyer having to manually set them up.

Static MLS searches are hurting your business! You need Ai-Powered listing emails so that you leave no stone unturned when seeking every potential listing that could turn into a transaction.

The bread and butter of your business is the listings you are emailing your clients. Period. The more relevant listings you email and put in front of your buyers the higher the likelihood that they will find the right property and want to make an offer.

Our algorithms constantly scan for opportunities to match your potential buyers with non-stop listing recommendations that could lead into a listing match that will result in a transaction.

Adaptive MLS Searches

Our powerful platform automates the once time-consuming process of generating listing emails by automatically providing customized interest and behavior-based listing recommendations personalized to each lead in your pipeline.

  • Work Smarter! Spend more time making more sales to more qualified leads while our platform works on your behalf in the background
  • Our Ai technology analyzes buyer behavior to provide the most accurate listing recommendations - automatically
  • Many buyers start in one search area and buy in a different one. Our platform tracks these behaviors and adapts to include new listing emails in the new areas of interest, automatically
  • Track user behaviors as their preferences change and grow
  • New recommendations are provided on an on-going basis based on the most up-to-date listings viewed, saved, shared and more…
  • Qualify leads quicker as our automated system compiles a complete and data-driven buyer profile to help you establish rapport from your first contact
  • Generate more data on each buyer with detailed user analytics to better service each client
  • Ai- powered data puts more listings in the hands of your buyers than a static MLS search to increase the probability of a successful transaction. More listings = more sales!
  • Encourage user engagement with accurate and predictive future interest recommendations

Put your business productivity into overdrive by letting our artificial intelligence-led platform automate your follow up and incubate your leads until they are ready for you to take over. Never miss out on an opportunity to find the right house for a client and never let another potential buyer slip through the cracks.

More Data, More Ways To Creatively Follow up

Key Features of our Lead Nurture / Conversion System

Activity alerts on each prospect in real-time, never cold call again. Know when to follow up and what to say each and every time. Feedback loop of high value leads so that you know which prospects to follow up with right away based on actionable data Automated follow up communication based on a lead’s behavior. If one of your clients views a property multiple times on different devices you should know right away so you can reach out to them before someone else does - or better yet - our system sends a personalized response on your behalf automatically and more…

Ai-powered listing recommendations will keep them coming to you for all of their real estate needs and establish you as the pre-eminent real estate agent in your market, all while freeing up your time to grow your business and close more deals!

Growing your real estate business has never been easier.
Take the next steps right now, don't miss out on another opportunity waiting for the perfect time.
No Contracts. Dead Simple Production (We Take Care of Everything). Minimal Investment.
What do you have to lose?
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