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3 Must-Haves for Becoming an Effective Team Lead

Some of the most successful real estate agents have become market leaders by forming and growing their own team of agents. This is easily one of the most effective ways to grow in the real estate industry, and it is easier than you think - providing that you are using the right technology to become an effective team lead and offer the most value proposition for recruiting.

However you plan to, or have structured your real estate team, whatever business model you follow, and whatever number of team members you have, utilizing the latest in real estate tech is key for team leads and recruiting. Here are your 3 must-haves for helping you grow your team or start one of your own:

  1. Consistent Team Branding and Expanded Digital Exposure
  2. Lead-Origination and Tracking
  3. Ai-Powered Accountability Features

Consistent Branding and Expanded Digital Exposure

A key marketing strategy for successful teams is having consistent branding and a wide network for digital exposure. How is this accomplished? Teams should employ a tech team solution that enables and promotes both joint and individual marketing efforts.

The best way to accomplish this is by having a team website system with a primary team website hub ( or, coupled with subdomains for each agent on the team ( - all with consistent branding to promote the team’s credibility and online exposure. This allows the team to maximize their marketing efforts, since your team’s multiple websites are occupying their own digital market share while still pointing back to the team hub.

This is integral for growth as a team, as team members can do their own marketing to generate leads through your provided platform, working in tandem to boost the team's profitability. Agents can grow their business and yours and provide team exposure at the same time - win win for you and your team! Utilizing a tech team solution provides your entire team with their own website ecosystem, you are not only providing a huge asset to each agent, but helping to grow the success of the team as a whole.

Lead-Origination and Tracking

Transparency is paramount to the successful workings of a real estate team. There are a wide variety of business models employed by teams across the country, with varying numbers of agents, different distribution of roles strategies, and fluctuating commission splits. However you choose to run your team, as a team lead, having a system in place to track the origination of every lead will help streamline the process of managing your team.

You want to ensure that there is no question about how leads were procured by the team or agents within it. This is particularly important as it relates to how commissions are paid out. Many team leads offer different commission splits if leads are provided versus if an agent generates their own leads.

You want a tech team web system that allows for total transparency and clarity about lead origination. This helps team leads manage more efficiently, and enables agents to confidently do their own marketing while knowing that their leads are tracked by the website system.

Ai-Powered Accountability Features

An effective team lead is able to manage agents and further the success of the team as a whole. Agent accountability is a key piece of this equation. As a team lead, you should be equipping yourself with a web platform that is powered by artificial intelligence to not only track lead origination, but also agent actions and follow up. This type of accountability is what really drives agents and teams towards growth in the real estate industry and allows team leads to manage more effectively.

It all boils down to having a tech solution that is designed for teams…

Whether you are just starting the process of forming a team, you have a two agent team, or you have a team of 10 or more agents, being an effective team lead is infinitely easier if you are using the right technology that is designed to help you grow and provide exposure to your real estate team.

Realty Net Media's tech team platform will give you the power to create your own team with an incredible value proposition for recruiting or the ability to compete with even the biggest teams in the industry.

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