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Grow Your Real Estate Business with a Tech Platform Designed for Teams

One of the best ways to grow in the real estate industry is by forming and leading a team of agents. Having a real estate tech platform that is designed for teams can help you streamline your process, manage and grow your business, and ultimately recruit more agents to your team.

What is a Tech Team Solution?

A tech team solution is a web system that caters to the needs of a real estate team - with tools designed for the individual agent, team manager, and the team as a whole.

Team site + individual agent subdomains with team branding

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A tech team portal should include:

-A Team Website System with:

  • Team branding
  • Robust suite of buyer and seller tools
  • Automated marketing capabilities
  • Full CRM with individual agent analytics
  • Lead tracking functionality for maximum transparency
  • Ability to create up to 10 agent accounts for team members
  • Functionality to assign leads

-A website system (as a subdomain of the team site) for each team member with:

  • Agent contact info
  • Consistent team branding
  • Personal CRM 
  • Direct lead notifications
  • Lead tracking functionality 

What are the Benefits of a Tech Team Solution?

Having a system for your team that is organized as a tech team solution enables your real estate team to operate at maximum efficiency and productivity.

Some of the biggest benefits of a Tech Team Solution include:

  • Consistent branding across all team agent sites
  • Greater online exposure for your entire team to capture a larger market share
  • Easier, more efficient agent management for team leads
  • Convenient communication between team members
  • Artificial intelligence driven follow up for team members
  • Total transparency when it comes to lead origination: Transparency is key for teams so that lead origination is always clear - this especially comes into play when commission splits differ amongst team members. A tech team web system creates transparency and better management of lead inflow by tracking every lead that comes in. This allows for there to be no question regarding who procured each lead. Agents are able to do their own marketing, funneling leads to their agent site, and feel confident that any leads generated by them will be tracked as their own. Team leads can also assign leads generated by the team site in their CRM via their chosen method, whether round-robin or otherwise. This provides a level of transparency and flexibility that helps to drive the success of the team.
  • Referral Support and Management: If your team, or individual agents in your team, refers out leads to other agents, having a tech team web platform supports and streamlines the process to show lead origination and track agent follow up. This helps with commission support and ensures accountability for agents in each transaction referred.
  • Accountability for all team members: Leads, actions, and follow up tracked for all transactions for all team agents to provide accountability to team leads and other team members.
  • Enhanced team recruitment potential: Team leads can maximize their ability to recruit new agents to their team by offering the single biggest asset to a real estate agent - technology.
  • Maximum agent retention: For team leads looking to retain the agents on their team, providing this powerful system is a huge incentive to stay. Once an agent’s marketing strategies are tied in to their team subdomain, they are less likely to leave.

Building a team is a great way for an agent to grow in the real estate industry. By utilizing the right real estate technology for agents to ensure that the team runs efficiently, team leads can maximize the productivity and profitability of the team as a whole.

Remember, a team just means more than one agent. If you are looking to form your own team, having a tech team platform will make the process of getting off the ground so much more efficient.

Any real estate agent looking to start - or grow - a real estate team needs to be using a tech team web system. Realty Net Media has developed a robust system designed to cater to all team business models. Team leads love our platform because it helps them grow their team, promote a consistent brand, and track the success of each team member. Contact Realty Net Media to learn more about this essential new tech and how it can help you grow your business! Learn more about our Real Estate Tech-Team Solution.

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