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What is a Tech-Broker? Why Becoming One is Essential for Your Brokerage

A tech-broker is a brokerage owner that understands the growing importance of technology in the real estate industry and offers agents the tech-forward tools that are becoming necessary to generate and convert real estate leads to enhance conversion and grow business.

Real estate is rapidly becoming a tech-centric industry, with buyers and sellers turning to the internet for their real estate needs well before contacting an agent. For your brokerage to grow, and for your agents to increase their productivity, you want to maximize your digital power to grow online exposure and capture the most leads for yourself and your agents.

Even more important, if you are looking to grow your brokerage, the best incentive you can offer for recruitment is providing your agents with a suite of online tools to explode their potential - this is what makes you a tech-broker.

What Does a Tech-Broker Solution Look Like? What are the Benefits to the Broker?

A tech-broker solution allows a broker to provide a real estate web system to each and every agent in their brokerage, at scale.

Each agent platform should be offered as a subdomain of their primary brokerage site. This means that the domain of each agent site is linked to the brokerage site ( Why? Consistent branding for your brokerage. Increased digital market share. Greater transparency for the broker and the agent.

A good tech-broker solution should provide a back-office for each agent to manage their own subdomain, enabling agents to manage their own marketing efforts and receive all lead alerts and Ai communications. It should also provide a back-office for the broker to manage the primary site with analytics for each agent. This helps brokers gain a deeper understanding of all agent transactions and lead management in the brokerage, while at the same time providing intensive marketing analysis. This eliminates any question regarding where leads originate and simplifies the process for both agent and broker.

Each primary and subdomain should provide a comprehensive array of lead generation and conversion tools including enhanced search options, landing page technology, home valuation, hyper-local categorization of the MLS, ability to create user accounts to save listings and searches, artificial intelligence capabilities, auto-generated market reports, and more. Remember, the more leads your agents convert the better for your brokerage.

Recruitment and Retention. Becoming a tech-broker is the most effective tool that you have to enhance your agent recruitment and retention. Nothing that you can offer is a greater asset today than technology. Agents understand the importance of having a robust web platform. A  brokerage that offers the latest in real estate technology to them as a benefit of joining, or staying, is providing a huge asset that is difficult to pass up.

Not only are you saving agents the time, effort, and cost of locating and building an effective platform, but you are providing invaluable tools that will pay off dividends to you as the broker. This is a huge incentive to recruit new agents, and once agents come to rely on these tools they are more likely to stay. 

How to Become a Tech-Broker

Real estate technology company, Realty Net Media, has developed a cutting edge proprietary platform - The Tech-Broker Solution - to allow brokers to be at the forefront of the tech-broker transformation of the real estate industry. This platform provides a brokerage site loaded with tools and functionality, as well as access to create agent accounts at scale. When you are able to provide each of your agents with a cutting edge web platform the growth potential of your brokerage is endless.

Check out the features of our Tech-Broker Solution.

Contact Realty Net Media to get started on becoming a tech-broker to lead your market by becoming the go-to broker for all agents who understand the value of technology in the modern real estate industry.

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